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EDUCTIKA : Education Kit


Passiv Kit

For teaching staff and students. Our kits focus on the practical aspects of microwaves. We create practicals in the labs that are as close as practical to real life applications to enhance the learning experience. The scope of the training kits is microstrip passive devices.

Eductika allows one to build either entirely, or partially, microwave functions from basic puzzle elements. This very complete puzzle game consists of microstrip line sections identified from their impedance and length, and linked on a magnetic plate by a connecting item.

The education kit, Eductika, is composed of basic sub-sets of microwave passive components aimed at teaching students the fundamentals of microwaves. It offers to acquire, through practice, skills in various subjects, i.e. the physics of microstrip lines, impedance matching devices, conduct of measurement and synthesis of elementary functions (low-pass filters) as well as some passive functions of higher complexity and based on these elementary functions

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Kit Eductika I (Filtre)
Kit Eductika I Kit pédagogique Eductika_EN_0514_v5.pdf 165.21 kB
Références EDUCTIKA  (Filtre)
Références EDUCTIKA REF_Eductika_2018.pdf 561.83 kB

Antennas Kit

The Elliptika Antenna test bench is the fit tool for antenna radiation pattern measurements in labs. It is especially dedicated for education and industry ( fast measurements of prototype, test of new designs, measurements of commercial antennas, IOT Antennas …)

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